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The SILT Bootcamp is a 6-month part-time programme for young individuals in their 20s. It aims to fill an important gap by orienting future leaders and changemakers to the sector and helping them discover their place within it. Also, changemakers need flexibility. The SILT Bootcamp provides a unique opportunity for graduate, post-graduate students and professionals to explore social impact leadership without disconnecting from their ongoing commitments.

What is the SILT Framework?

SILT Bootcamp participants will be provided with vital information, knowledge & space to reflect on learnings about the development sector. The Bootcamp is designed within a SILT framework with elements such as Social, Impact, Leadership & Transformation. The framework remains integral to the journey of the SILT Bootcamp which is covered in three parts – Understanding Social Change, Field Immersion, & Personalized Action Plan.

Throughout the programme the participants will deepen their understanding on the development sector and they will be introduced to complex ground realities.

Each participant will get the opportunity to work in the field. This experiential learning will allow the participants to be self reflective, set goals and test their own leadership skills.

At the end of the programme, the participants will have to develop a Personalized Action Plan and then present it.

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