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We at SoCh strongly believe that when given the right tools of empowerment, life skills, critical knowledge and career guidance, a woman can emancipate herself from these socio-cultural constraints by realizing her potential and exercising self-efficacy.

This empowered young woman will then take charge of not only her own future but will continue to positively affect the lives of those around her, initiating a wave of change in the community.

The first phase of Oorja is an 8-day programme comprising of 12 core chapters that branch out into the themes of health – mental, physical, menstrual and reproductive health, marriage, family and future planning, protection from violence and recognition of rights coupled with communication and work-related skill development like public speaking, problem solving, communication and leadership. Through the Oorja camp, we have currently reached out to over 337 young women participants in undergraduate colleges in rural Telangana.

The second phase of the Oorja programme is a community outreach where Oorja participants from Phase I are trained to facilitate activity-based classes for adolescent girls in Zilla Parishad and Government High Schools. The adolescent girls in schools are provided information and critical knowledge on themes such as health, safety, rights and future planning. Through Oorja Outreach, SoCh has reached over 2055 adolescent girls with over 90 Oorja participants acting as facilitators. The beauty of Phase II is that the Oorja Outreach participants are on a journey that empowers self and the larger community simultaneously.

Oorja Brochure